Amid the impact of the removal of fuel subsidy and the floating of the Naira in Nigeria, Pastor Olusola Oladeji, a cleric from Osun State, has expressed his belief in President Bola Tinubu’s intentions to revitalize the country’s economy.

Speaking at the Passover Faith Christian Center in Osogbo during the maiden Mid-Year Thanksgiving and Encounter Service themed ‘Breaking Forth’ on Sunday, Pastor Oladeji emphasized the importance of continued prayer for Tinubu’s economic policies amid prevailing hardships, inflation, and hunger in the nation.

Quoting II Chronicles 7 verse 14, Pastor Oladeji urged Nigerians to uphold righteousness and fervently pray to God for the government’s policies to yield positive outcomes for the country.

He underscored the significance of prayer in national stability, pointing out that despite past challenges and corruption, Nigeria has remained intact due to the prayers of its faithful.

He warned that neglecting prayer for the nation and its leaders could lead to degeneration, citing the biblical directive to persist in prayer until joy is restored.

The clergyman’s remarks reflect a call for faith and spiritual support for President Tinubu’s leadership amidst ongoing economic reforms, urging Nigerians to trust in divine intervention for the nation’s progress and prosperity.

He said: “There is no president that has taken steps without positive intention. President Bola Tinubu wished Nigerians well when he removed the fuel subsidy and took the decision on foreign exchange.

“However, the best decision that is not backed up with prayers in the spirit realm will turn out to have the worst effects on the people. We should not blame Tinubu for removing fuel subsidy and floating the Naira, but governance is warfare, it is more than economic calculation because it will fail if God does not step in

“We must all gather and pray for leaders because all of them want to take steps that will make their names to be written in gold.”

Pastor Oladeji thereafter admonished government at all levels to raise prayer altars which would supplicate for good results of policies from God.