FCT Minister Nyesom Wike has failed to appoint Heads of 21 Agencies in the FCT, after five months of smacking the former Heads of those Agencies. This has seriously affected development and governance in all these 21 Agencies in FCT as Top Civil Servants that are acting in those Agencies could not take bold decisions that are needed at this material time.
Again, it is also shocking that five months after Mr. President gave the FCT minister approval to constitute the FCT Civil Service Commission, nothing has been done in this regard.
The FCT minister has not shown capacity and courage in these two areas. This obvious failure is slowing down governance and development in FCT. Another area that the minister has failed is in the area of palliative. The minister has not been able to roll out high capacity buses 9 months after subsidy has been removed. He has not shared any palliative of food items to the less privileged in FCT
We therefore wish to appeal to the minister to wake up from his slumber as Mr. President is in hurry to deliver on his Renewed Hope agenda

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