BAT Vanguard, a leading and umbrella body of all Support groups of our dear and amiable President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR is using this opportunity to appeal to all Nigerians to be patient with Mr. President over the current situation of things in our nation. Mr. President is equally bothered about the high cost of things, the falling of naira and the insecurity that have bedevilled our dear nation. And he is taking every step that he needs to take to address all these challenges. As we all know, it will take some time before we could begin to see the positive effects of all his actions but be rest assured that it will start coming out very soon.
We are all aware that Mr. President came in at a critical time in our nation, things have been grounded in our nation as a result of actions and inactions of the past leaders. Although, this is not the time to pass blame but we must know this. All the problems we are facing today are not caused by this government but the effects of the failure of the past.
Mr. President needs the support of all and sundry to rescue our nation from her current unpalatable situation.
As you are aware, ever since Mr. President took over the reign of leadership as the President of this great nation, he has been showing and providing leadership. Right from his days as Governor of Lagos State, till date, his life has been characterized with excellent performance, integrity in service and sound leadership quality.
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not changed, he is still the Thinker, Progressive and Performer we know him to be.
Nigeria is save in his hand. Let us give him time and be patient with him , the desired results will surely come out in due time.
This is not the time for protest or attacking the government. The government needs our solidarity, support and understanding.These challenges will definitely pass away.

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