Lawyer and spokesman to Atiku Abubakar Campaign Organisation in last year’s presidential election Daniel Bwala yesterday said that he has no apology supporting the Tinubu administration.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, who spoke with reporters at the State House, Abuja, after a meeting with President Bola Tinubu, said if supporting the President would warrant his defection to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), he would do so.

Bwala lauded President Tinubu’s style of governance, saying that the recent suspension of a minister and reduction of cost of governance are commendable.

Last week, the controversial politician was rooting for Atiku, hinting that he will contest for President again in 2027 because he has the capacity and private sector experience.

As a staunch member of the Atiku camp, who increased his criticisms of the President and APC during the presidential litigation, APC members may with justification view him as a mole if he returns to the fold.

Hailing President Tinubu, Bwala highlighted why he may shift to the ruling party.

He said: “Some of his ministers that were allegedly reported to have committed infractions, instead of protecting them, he asked that the law should have its own course and suspended somebody without wasting time. That, to me, is impressive because it’s about the people.

“Secondly, there has been this outcry that the government is bloated and the rest. Yesterday, he introduced a policy that reduced the cost of governance and today, he told me it is just the beginning. There are many more decisions of government that will reduce the cost of governance.

“What have we been talking about as citizens? I don’t have personal grudge against someone, if it is a policy issue, when policies are going correctly. You all need to visit my Twitter page. In the last few days, I have been expressing my surprise and appreciation to the President for the decisions he is taking.

“So, this is not about political party and you need to know that like I said, I was with him before I left and I was doggedly committed to him. I told him today, I am committed to playing my part to support your administration, and I have no apology to anybody.

”Asked if he was back to the ruling APC, Bwala said: “APC is a party. President Bola Tinubu is my motivation. If supporting him will take me to APC, so be it.

”Two weeks ago, Bwala had said on television that opposition political parties should form a strong coalition to wrest power from the APC in the 2027 general election.

He said without a coalition of opposition parties, President Tinubu would spend eight years in office.

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