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Biography: Hon Sola Olofin is a staunch member of the Progressive Family – All Progressives Congress (APC). He is a foundation Member of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Ekiti State and has been actively involved in grassroots mobilization of the electorates in his ADO  constituency ever since he joined politics in 2007. He was quite visible during the first tenure campaign for His Excellency, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi. 

Olofin first contested for the Ekiti House of Assembly ticket in 2011 for ADO Constituency 1, he scored the highest votes but was denied the ticket by the State party hierarchy and they instead gave it to the 3rd contestant. Inspite of this infraction, Olofin Sola remained loyal to the party, expending his time, energy and financial resource for the betterment of the Party. He bid his time and re-contested in 2015 beating the incumbent and others who were vying for the Ekiti House of Assembly ticket. This feat sent shock waves in the camp of Gov. Ayo Fayose of PDP who embarked on desperate measures in his bid to stop Olofin Olusola from participating in the general election. He escaped three assassination attempts and was finally arrested and detained by the Ekiti State Commissioner of Police on the order of the State Governor, Ayo Fayose on trumped-up charges of thuggery and illegal possession of firearms. With the intervention of influential contacts in Abuja he regained his freedom on the eve of the election and predictably, he was rigged out on election day. He was undeterred and it is noteworthy that he has remained unshakeable in the Progressive fold throughout her transformative years –  from AD to AC to ACN and now APC, he never deviated from his professed political establishment which is PROGRESSIVE.


Hon. Olofin Sola is a seasoned Entrepreneur with business interests in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Oil and Gas, Solid Minerals and Agro-allied sectors of the economy. He has been in business for close to two decades with contacts across the Corporate Sector in Nigeria and beyond. Asides his Degree in Business Administration, he has several other Professional Certifications amongst which is the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP), Airbus Certified Professional. He has helped to revolutionize the ICT Sector in Nigeria with his astute leadership skills and passion for success. He represents an enthusiastic, younger generation of people getting more actively involved in politics in Nigeria. He has always put projects in motion and ensure visible improvements and achievements in whatever endeavor he is involved.  He has a knack for financial prudence and managing capital projects and he has brought this to bear as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a globally acclaimed company – Satcom IRL which he founded and sits on the board for over 10years. Hon. Olofin is also the founder of Aquasilica Limited, a company specifically into Mining Exploration, Distribution of Agro-produce online. 

It is also noteworthy that Hon. Sola Olofin has been a Consultant to the National Assembly since the year 2012 and during the period in reference, he has been afforded the first-hand opportunity to understudy the workings of the Members of Parliament. This is no doubt going to be a huge advantage to his constituents IF elected to represent them at the Federal Level because he will hit the ground running. Also his charismatic personality, national and international connections will work in no small measure in ensuring the delivery of the dividends of democracy not only to his constituents but for Nigeria as a whole. Hon. Sola Olofin is incontestably an asset to his great party – the APC, to Ekiti State Federal Constituency  and to Ekiti State in general and by offering himself for service, he is willing to sacrifice even the expansion of his business in order to ensure proper representation of his people. Like he will always say “ Itesiwaju Ekiti lo je wa logun…..translated “ The welfare of my people supersedes”. This is therefore a passionate appeal to the delegates/electorates to queue behind a young man who will better serve the interests of the masses rather than his own personal interest or that of a selected few.  


OLOFIN SOLA at his young age, founded RECLAIM NIGERIA FORUM in early 2008. It was a  social platform that had about 16,000 members,  both young and old Nigerians whose major agenda was to ensure a modern and civilized way of setting standards in the public service, to sensitize the young generation on their rights, to fight against the scourge of corruption, nepotism and  ethnic rivalry and to properly highlight the danger the aforementioned poses to our existence as a Nation. The forum also partnered with YIAGA in 2012 to push for the adoption of the “NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL” in the National Assembly. Consequently some Members of the RECLAIM NIGERIA GROUP secured appointments in various capacities in the current Government. This is just a testimony to the impact the Group had in the Nigerian Political Space. The current upsurge of political activism by youths on Social Media is directly connected to the impact of the defunct RECLAIM NIGERIA FORUM, the forum also played a very prominent role in the “OCUPY NIGERIA” rally in 2012 to fight against fuel hike and subsidy. OLOFIN was also the funder of Ekiti Youth Ambassador Forum and many more.

 A Vote for Hon. Sola Olofin is invariably a Vote for Progress. We humbly seek your Support as we work assiduously towards sending Hon. Sola Olofin to the Federal Capital Territory.

This is a shared vision to ensure that we the youths of Nigeria change the narrative. It is time we use our knowledge and youthful Vigor for the good of all. We are encouraged to support our aspirent Sola Olofin with your time, resource and whatever that could assist in the actualization of this dream.